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SHHARVI 1 USB 2.0 Amp. Wall Charger – With Fast Charging Data Cable





This is a Single UBS Port, charge up to 2.0 Amp. of output. Shharvi has manufactured this Super Amazing Product by using all the High- Quality and Premium Materials. All the materials used in it are Universal Compatible and Fire Resistant and is compatible with any kind of smart phone of electric device.

This Shharvi 1 USB 2.0 Amp. Wall Charger is total safe charger and do not have any kind of material that can harm your electronic device or any other device you want to charge from this Data Cable, which comes with this product. It comes with Fast Charging Data Cable with 2.0Amp. USB and is Very Affordable at the very same time. This High- Quality Product is worth of money and is very easy to travel anytime and anywhere.

This Wall Charger takes very Minimum Time to charge and is very Time Saving which makes it More Popular. It is Compatible for all types of mobile phones. All the products are Fire Resistance and are made up of Voltage Boost Technologies. Shharvi Products are known for providing all the High- Quality and Fast Charging Data Cable to their customers.


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